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  • Giant Schnauzer vs. Scrappy Cat

    Giant Schnauzer vs. Scrappy Cat

    Stella, a sweet black giant schnauzer tries to make friends with Jack, a scrappy former stray cat.  The schnauzer doesn’t seem to understand what this cat’s problem is.  Jack obviously does not like the intrusion of a big schnauzer dog invading his territory.  The interaction between the two is priceless. Watch and see who you think wins this confrontation. So who won — the cat or the schnauzer?

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  • Miniature Schnauzer vs. The Calico Cat

    Miniature Schnauzer vs. The Calico Cat

    Who says dogs and cats don’t get along?  This miniature schnauzer and calico cat are having great fun sparring with each other.  They were cracking up their owners, as you can hear them behind the camera.  A very good time was had by all ! It’s nice to see dogs and cats having fun together.  If they are introduced to each other while one is very young, they often become great friends like these two.

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